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September 17, 2007, 9:33 pm
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In a post on soil chemistry over at Transect Points, (via Gary) Philip Small delves into the mysteries of pH and pE, buffering and poise. It’s interesting stuff which I point you to in part because how microbes do their stuff is something it’s important to understand, in part because this sort of thinking has relevance to the Terra Preta stuff I was extolling a while back, and in part because of a fear that some readers of Eating the Sun will feel that I downplay the importance of soil, and I’d like to show I appreciate it. On top of all that, though, it’s because I just liked reading him pivot fact into image as elegantly as this:

To many of us, what makes soil different than geologic material is that it is in an excited state, excited mostly by solar energy as facilitated by living processes.

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Carbon-Friendly Farming

From Michael on the Holography Forum;

A Good simple, well written, clear, article worth reading and sending on to any agriculture organization;

Show us the money
Carbon-Friendly Farming

The Carbon Farmers – Features – The Lab – Australian Broadcasting Corporation’s Gateway to Science

And Michael’s Pottery speculations on Permaculture;

“I used to live near a crazy potter. He built his own kiln but loved to open fire pottery occasionally. He made a gigantic bonfire with the pottery inside. All sorts of “arty” and interesting effects were produced by open firing.
Also a lot of breakages.
It this how Amazonian discovered char?
Is this why there is lots of Pottery in Terra preta?”


Comment by Erich J. Knight

Finaly some legislation that talks of Charcoal sequestration in the soil, Please contact your represenative about how important it is to get this into the farm bill!!

S.1884 – The Salazar Harvesting Energy Act of 2007

A Summary of Biochar Provisions in S.1884:

Carbon-Negative Biomass Energy and Soil Quality Initiative

for the 2007 Farm Bill


Comment by Erich J. Knight

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