Metagenomics on YouTube
September 25, 2007, 7:46 am
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It always feels a bit tedious to point out that science can be fun but it’s worth repeating when doing so is quite fun itself. Here (via Jon Eisen) are some people having fun telling the world about their science. I’m quite charmed that this seemed like a good way to spend an Oregon afternoon, and the questions and concepts make me think I’ll keep an eye on the lab. You might think a few powerpoint slides could have done the trick, and you may be right. But I bet the vibe in the lab was better the day after they did this than it would have been if they’d just done that…

If you want some of the hard stuff to go with this, here’s a review from Nature Reviews Microbiology by lab chief Jessica Green and others on the need for theory if one is to understand microbiological biodiversity, a goal that matters for studies of soil, of ocean phytoplankton, and of much else. (abstract | PDF)

Incidentally, David O’Connell and his colleagues at Nature Reviews Microbiology have just brought out a terrific special issue on marine microbiology (thanks to the support of the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation and the Agouron Institute, it’s free, I believe). I have been intending to blog about it for a bit and still hope to get round to, but go and have a look anyway if that’s your sort of thing.

Update: here’s some backstory on the video


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The real question is — can we learn to be this cool or is it inborn?

Comment by Jonathan Eisen

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