Things I’ve written for Wired
May 20, 2008, 5:36 pm
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For reasons of my own it struck me to make a list of the things I’ve written over the years at Wired, and having done so I thought I might as well post it. No particular reference to photosynthesis…

“Life, Reinvented” January 2005
Feature on synthetic biology as practiced at MIT

“A Machine with a Mind of its Own” August 2004
Feature on the Robot Scientist at the University of Aberystwyth

“Freeze Frame” May 2004
A Q&A squib with Jeff Severinghaus about rapid climate change pegged to “Day after Tomorrow”

“Attack of the Stuntbots” January 2004
Feature on virtual stuntmen, their future, and what JRR Tolkien would have thought of it

“Tales from the Crypt” May 2003
Feature on mormons with infrared cameras who make illegible papyruses from the ruins of Herculaneum legible

“After Columbia March 2003
The case for abandoning low-earth orbit and preparing for deep space missions

“Deep Impact” & “The Neutrino has Landed” February 2003
Feature and sidebar on using the earth and the moon as detectors for exotic particles

“Destination: Mars” September 2002
Where various luminaries would choose to land if they could go to Mars

“Europe’s New Air War” August 2002
Feature on transatlantic conflict over the EU’s plans for the Galileo satellite navigation system

“Think Different” December 2001
An interview with Simon Baron-Cohen on autism

“Divided We Stand” December 2001
The national-security case against concentrations of value and in favour of distributed systems

“Gene Machine” July 2001
Feature on IBM’s Blue Gene computer and the challenge of modelling how proteins fold

“Shadow Science” June 2001
Feature on Bill Borucki’s Kepler mission to detect earth like planets round other stars

“Fuel’s Paradise” July 2000
An interview with Thomas Gold on the deep biosphere, the stupidity of geologists, etc

“Ice Station Vostok” April 2000
Feature on plans for exploration four kilometres below the Antarctic ice cap

“The Art of Falling” December 1999
Feature on Bob Farquhar, manager of NASA’s NEAR mission, who loves creating outrageous orbits

“Overcoming Yuk” January 1998
The need for rational responses to biotechnology, assisted reproduction and gamete choice

“Private Spy” August 1997
A feature on the coming age of commercially available high resolution satellite images

“The Sandman’s Story” November 1996 (Wired UK)
A profile interview with Neil Gaiman

“A Cultured Man” June 1996 (Wired UK)
A profile interview with Iain M. Banks

“The Evolution Revolution” April 1996 (Wired UK)
An essay on the Cambrian revolution as a metaphor for distributed computing

Images: Illustration for Deep Impact by Nick Pugh, covers by people whose names I can’t find


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