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June 4, 2008, 8:47 am
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Fearing I’m falling behind in the self promotion/archiving stakes (though we can’t all be Phil Ball*) I should point to a couple of recent audio/radio things

During his worldwind tour of the UK a few weeks back, visiting everyone from Gordon Brown to the Reading climate summit (report), I did an interview with Jeff Sachs for Nature’s podcast: a bit of it can be found in this issue of the podcast (transcript) along with, among others, P. Z. Myers and Eric Wolff. And there’s a full half hour extended version too (no transcript).

After the Phoenix landing Radio Three asked me to go on Nightwaves last Wednesday and talk about images of Mars. The listen-again stream will break today, but the interview seems to be downloadable in some sort of best-of podcast where it appears in roughly the last third. (Also apparently here). 

And a little while ago I did an interview with Michele Field for Robyn William’s show on ABC (the Australian one) about Eating the Sun. It’s now up and audible, downloadable or indeed transcribed for your reading pleasure here.

The anecdote Robyn tells at the beginning of the show is based on truth: but it is important to remember that the events mentioned took place very late the night before, not early the morning after. The morning after I was so hungover I could barely move, let alone type. Also, while the bits about the granite may be mine, the story about the bridesmaids is definitely not. 

*With whom I believe I may be appearing at the RI on June 16th


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