Review: Library Journal
November 3, 2008, 10:56 am
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Wordle-cloud of Eating the Sun reviews, as of 081101

Wordle-cloud of Eating the Sun reviews, as of 081101

A review in Library Journal by Sara Rutter, of the University of Hawaii Library, which again does me the honour of a star:

Award-winning science journalist Morton’s (Mapping Mars) latest book is a beautiful example of what science writing can achieve and serves as a unique contribution to the public understanding of a research field underrepresented in popular science literature. Providing textbook details of the photochemical and enzymatic events that take place in the chloroplast to produce photosynthesis, Morton writes in clear and graceful prose, augmenting his well-researched facts by telling the fascinating backstory of the research scientists who have added to our understanding of a biological process that is so crucial to sustaining life on Earth. Morton brings to light the sometimes fractious and yet interdisciplinary collaborative groups that worked together across an international landscape to elucidate the mechanisms of photosynthesis. Moving from the molecular level, he explores the impact of plants on our planet, describing paleobotanical research, exobiology, and Lovelock’s Gaian view of Earth. Tying all this together, a final chapter considers the impact of our reliance on fossil fuel, derived from early photosynthesizing plants, on our planet. Strongly recommended for large public libraries and academic libraries.


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Oliver, you’ve got to turn off that Snap-scan preview shit. It adds nothing to my experience of the site, and takes planty away. Please.

Comment by Jeremy

[…] Snap makes little preview windows appear as you pass your cursor over a link on this site. Jeremy hates them. I find them mostly ignorable and sometimes useful — nice to know where a link points, […]

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