Tweets of the week 090911
September 11, 2009, 1:43 pm
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Chris Rowan at Highly Allochthonous (and for all I know many other people) is compiling his daily tweets into a weekly blog post, as a service to readers. Not every tweet, but just the ones that link out to something which, at the time, he found tweet-worthy. I thought I’d copy him and see if it was of any interest.

A Prius uses more rare earths than any object in the world http://bit.ly/xSROO: Rare-earth Liebig’s law http://bit.ly/w05MW for #cleantech?

Global child mortality rate now <9m (NYT). What progress; what need http://bit.ly/179knw

RT @pickover Praying Mantis Catches a Hummingbird. http://bit.ly/NNJHB

RT @guardianeco Wind power could cut China’s emissions by 30% http://tinyurl.com/lh7gm4 That’s 640GW of kit! Source http://bit.ly/17eYZo

WSJ.com notes regional effects that make NY more vulnerable to sea level rise (+ increased storm surges) http://bit.ly/eMtaS (via @jbhathaw)

RT @kevinmarks remembering Alan Turing, an essay on ‘passing’ Turing test http://bit.ly/S2Gof (pdf) <great piece. More http://bit.ly/2LHQEd

UK ‘could face blackouts’ http://bit.ly/14OT5I says David Mackay http://www.withouthotair.com/ — rather wonderfully now g’ment adviser!

Chevron commits to Gorgon, huge #naturalgas project off Australia (with Shell and PetroChina) ft.com http://bit.ly/m4bwc

This new ocean: @revkin blogs news of the north-east passage http://bit.ly/EyHUH

Good column on problems trad economics faces with (and causes to) climate policy http://bit.ly/jltp2

RT @brianweeden America as a 100-person village: 1 person has 30% of the money, 4 people share next 20%, and the bottom 60 share 4%

Trapdoor Spider FTW http://bit.ly/2g2QZ

The vanishing Aral puddle: stunning time lapse http://bit.ly/3kHfZ8 via @Allochthonous http://bit.ly/4FsqOY

@CarlZimmer so you> @WanderingGaia Botfly fun RT @mikehopkin DO NOT watch this while eating http://bit.ly/yM9gY

Got your economic inequality right here http://bit.ly/m6O3R

2nd item down: prettiest piss ever http://bit.ly/15So82

Has anyone seen a good analysis of the Lindzen&Choi feedbacks paper in GRL? http://bit.ly/1aj6p8 (please RT)

Great Hubble pics (with some science too — and a nicely presented slideshow) http://bit.ly/4ddis

Wonderful aerial views of Vauban fortifications http://bit.ly/Gxla0 (via @pnh)

“Only bloggers, these days, give science news the reflective, balanced and unhysterical coverage it deserves” H. Gee http://bit.ly/1howYN

Mari Kasurinen Sculptures http://bit.ly/MVAUD “My little Damien Hirst”, “My little Princess Leia”, etc

Augustine nut: “no plan compatible with the FY 2010 budget profile permits human [space] exploration to continue” p10 http://bit.ly/2vbOAR

RT @petertallack @roncharles In response to smaller advances, Iain Banks decides to pick up his pace to a book a year http://u.nu/7bp63

RT @chr1sa @vanishteam: How We Caught Missing Wired Magazine Writer Evan Ratliff http://bit.ly/ig8PO #vanish (via @fmanjoo)

Berlin TV tower ‘stolen’ by Nasa http://bit.ly/8Ky8Z8:43 AM

Supermodel vows to stay naked till USAID funds reach starving children (Aid Watch) http://bit.ly/13dmpH

Good relevant post on long term drop of insolation in the arctic « Open Mind http://bit.ly/RHFgT

RT @brianweeden US Air Force is training more pilots for drones than manned planes: http://ping.fm/8syFQ <and then there’s the army…

Glaciers: sad losses or catastrophic losses? @WanderingGaia on good form http://bit.ly/5Vyvl (but what about changes in summer flow?)

So cool that @stevesilberman finds the characters to include “(caveat: Small fMRI study)” in a #neuroscience tweet http://bit.ly/yoMn2

RT @dgmacarthur @NatureRevGenet:‘Applications of next-gen sequencing’ series launches today with a review on ChIP-seq: http://tiny.cc/dpl4n1
How Sarko became a big man (it’s all relative) http://bit.ly/3bIf6y

Brad DeLong spanks Joe Klein on behalf of Krugman http://bit.ly/Mv5fp (Klein’s column seems other-than-that sound http://bit.ly/163NoB)

RT @artfagcity “Why [don’t we wake up] in direct confrontation with the entirety of past & future?” http://is.gd/2ZWm7 > @BruceS FTW

RT @PD_Smith Christoph Engel’s wonderful photos http://bit.ly/WcHYh > “Ein ungefähres Durcheinander von trügerischer Schönheit” indeed

Disagreeing with the Copenhagen #geoengineering consensus « Heliophage http://bit.ly/36cviC

Full Moon seen through Old Faithful, Yellowstone http://bit.ly/z2iL0 by Jimmy Westlake http://bit.ly/5ttoD

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It is of interest. I follow you but don’t always get there before things get lost in the tweet storm. I miss things.

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