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September 19, 2009, 7:49 am
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As last week, a compilation of my outward-linking tweets. Top read: David Victor and Richard Morse on Coal http://bit.ly/4tiNRm. Top object of wow: seeing electrons http://bit.ly/2T7Vl7. Top evisceration: a tie between Germaine Greer on Stephen Bayley  http://bit.ly/6zLEd and Dominic Lawson on Alan Clark http://bit.ly/cYwSE.  Top video:  Bathtub IV from Keith Loutit on Vimeo (which I can’t seem to embed)

RT @guardianeco The data behind Scotland’s new carbon budget http://tinyurl.com/ov7p7h

Firm brings choppers, spy cameras to oil data game http://bit.ly/5m4T7 another market for digitalglobe

“There is no … conclusion about how much change is dangerous,” http://bit.ly/wCmZD Chinese official (correctly) sees 2C limit as arbitrary

On Demand Books Turns Google’s eBook Archive Back Into Paperbacks http://bit.ly/6OAyZ

RT @emilybell potentially very significant: Google enters display ad market: http://bit.ly/1ETx0x < display ads served to where they’ll work

Iceland moves from #hydrogen cars to batteries http://bit.ly/19w9td Germany cleaves to the invisible flame of H-faith http://bit.ly/ZQMQU

When I worked with David Lipsey (2nd item) he showed no tendency to believe rubbish. What happened? http://bit.ly/1tqksh

Gates: USAF flies 35,000 aerial refueling missions a year. Russians fly 30 http://bit.ly/g4Oo6

RT @alexwitze update from @bmahersciwriter on the girl whose dad wants genetics to answer what’s wrong with her http://bit.ly/1cQoS1 #cshpg

Heliophage: my take http://bit.ly/uwqvo on Nick Calluther’s “#NormanBorlaug’s Complicated Legacy” http://bit.ly/o5uH12:58 PM Sep 17th from web

Paranormal Activity http://bit.ly/WWwo9 < a damn effective trailer for its audience, I’d say

1 in 3 US Prius owning households also own an SUV http://bit.ly/6YvRo (via Tyler and Harper’s)

Linn Myers’s art – algorithmic, naturalistic, spooky http://bit.ly/RHrWX also http://bit.ly/6gjSH

RT @dgmacarthur @nanopore: Clive Brown, “The most honest man in sequencing” on Oxford Nanopore informatics http://tr.im/yPJN Many insights

RT @ Richard_Kadrey @PinkTentacle: Sea rescue in #tilt-shift time-lapse video – http://bit.ly/vhiWg < phenomenal

RT @MattPoacher Strange litmap of Sebald’s wanderings in Rings of Saturn: http://barbarahui.net/litmap/

Terraforming the Sahara « Heliophage post on a trillion-tree geoengineering scheme http://bit.ly/1YUawG

RT @Dereklowe Real Electrons: http://bit.ly/2T7Vl7 <Hot heavy wow – s and p orbitals as seen by microscope

RT @climateprogress http://bit.ly/1U4kxr < why US railroads don’t like climate change legislation (20% of revenues from coal haulage)

@mseckington Is it just me, or does a palpable self loathing seep through every pore of the first 6 episodes of Dollhouse?

MainlyMartian: Why Paul Davies (http://bit.ly/3BrZRd) is wrong about One-way to Mars http://bit.ly/16pfZm

RT @grahamfarmelo How free to speak are UK sci journalists? Olivia Judson wise on Singh case: http://bit.ly/x50SQ > Olivia wise full stop

Dominic Lawson on the hatefulness of Alan Clark http://bit.ly/cYwSE – a fine fury well sustained

RT @SungevitySolar @dannyksfun Awesome map of surface area required to power the world with PV panels http://ping.fm/50HWH

RT @doctorow Brits: Petition to stop plan to cut your DSL if you’re accused of c’right infringement! http://bit.ly/diss-connect PLEASE RT!

RT @Climateprogress EIA: US will be 8.5% below 2005 levels of CO2 at end 2009 — halfway to climate bill’s 2020 target. http://bit.ly/3xkilq

“I would rather have a rectal examination on live TV by a fellow with cold hands than have a Facebook page.” G. Clooney, via Thom Geier

Nick Stern: in some Chinese regions (undefined) per capita emissions larger than UK’s http://bit.ly/Z4gzk #cop15

RT @bengoldacre Book titles if they were written today: cheap lolz via boingboing http://bit.ly/18h3oo

“In the future every whale will have a web page”: turns out Gorillas are getting there first http://bit.ly/OzsvQ

RT @Maxine_Clarke Via @Benhunt If you buy a thriller this week, make it a good one. 5 alternatives to Dan Brown: http://bit.ly/1ESl3t

RT @Bash @stefness: XKCD Book – out now #xkcd http://store.xkcd.com/xkcd/... << yay!

RT @PD_Smith @NatureNews @Roobina The RS book prize goes to Richard Holmes for The Age of Wonder. £6.99 at Amazon http://bit.ly/RyEPc

Best redaction ever: Yossarian gets Gotterdammerungy with the black pen when it comes to ending the world http://bit.ly/3wGJ0p

RT @PD_Smith Previously classified interviews w/former Soviet officials http://bit.ly/NAzWu via @WillWiles <- fascinating for nuke wonks

Index on Censorship » The end of libel tourism? http://bit.ly/yJYWp

RT @BraveNewClimate More Monbiot vs Plimer: bafflegab, phoney excuses http://bit.ly/AfGxU of D’Ancona we should expect better

Germaine Greer spanks Stephen Bayley on the design of the female body http://bit.ly/6zLEd

JBat mind blown by Digital Globe http://bit.ly/5WxF8 12 yrs after he commissioned this new-way-2-see-the-world story http://bit.ly/4Q4gU

RT @criticalterrain Loving David Maisel’s new rephotography project: http://www.davidmaisel.com/... < xcellent x-rays of antiquities

@girlscientist @simonfrantz: @mzphyz sez Collins correct on @scifri. NIH total R&D grant payline >20%. In 2008, 25.6%. See http://tr.im/yF6i

Deep incisive take on the inevitability of coal and what it means, by David Victor and Richard Morse http://bit.ly/4tiNRm

12 Most Magnificent Trees http://bit.ly/PiW2k , a response to “10 Most M Trees” http://bit.ly/r9u3B. Not new, but lovely

Larry Gelbart 1928-2009 — nice set of clips at Ain’t It Cool News http://bit.ly/BrKkZ

#NormanBorlaug sites: world food prize http://bit.ly/17aZ6R agbioworld http://bit.ly/w6wTk9:22 AM Sep 13th from bit.ly

BBC News Borlaug story http://bit.ly/at0H8

RT @silentypewriter @tim_harper: Amazon recommends… Customers who bought this baseball bat also bought.. http://bit.ly/126iA


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Costs of nuclear

Hultman, Nathan E., Jonathan Koomey, and Dan Kammen. 2007. “What history can teach us about the future costs of U.S. nuclear power.” Environmental Science & Technology. vol. 41, no. 7. April 1. pp. 2088-2093


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