Tweets of the week 090925
September 25, 2009, 6:48 pm
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Selexyz bookshop, Maastricht

Selexyz bookshop, Maastricht

Again, the outward-pointing tweets of the week. Story of the week: Ice on the moon, broken by @NatureNews http://bit.ly/RP2sP, written up in jumbo economy size by @elakdawalla. Combative leader of the week: classic John Maddox http://bit.ly/4DQBVU. Falsifiable hypothesis of the week: Does being blind from birth prevent schizophrenia? http://bit.ly/SbSrJ. Rueful laughter of the week: http://bit.ly/9oiq6. Image of the week: the wonderful Selexyz bookshop in Mastricht, designed by Merkx+Girod http://bit.ly/3w7UgA

A very very small bit of bestsellerdom – Library Journal http://bit.ly/2kWVvL

RT @elakdawalla Wrote so much about lunar H2O that I had to break it in two. Part 1: Hey, there’s water on the Moon! http://bit.ly/2jKIU9

The charms of low-speed rail « Heliophage http://bit.ly/3qPObC

“Those who would transform the world must know how to kindle and fan an extravagant hope” http://bit.ly/wjQJK power of religious inspiration

More on #ETS court woes: “a real loss of confidence in the emissions market” http://bit.ly/bcf7x Italy next? http://bit.ly/XbRf6

A123 IPO a #cleantech #battery success story http://bit.ly/qWOH5

RT @catherine_mayer http://twitpic.com/j1eq8 – Separated at birth?

Felix Salmon » Blog Archive » The sensationalist WSJ | Blogs | http://bit.ly/tHwe7

RT @stevesilberman Like a dream of mine. RT @fritinancy A gorgeous church becomes a gorgeous bookstore: http://bit.ly/3w7UgA

Is Mercury Dripping through Bankruptcy Cracks? | TheDetroitBureau.com http://bit.ly/c97PZ new GM may not recycle as old GM promised

10-satellite launch http://bit.ly/15Yi7v prob’ly primo rocket science; H2O on moon too: does it make up for @chandrayaan thermals cockup?

NASA finds ice on the moon and on Mars Reuters http://bit.ly/dv7Ul @NatureNews did it better and firster http://bit.ly/RP2sP <Just the moon. Not Mars. No idea how Mars got into that tweet]

Thomson Reuters Predicts Nobel Laureates http://bit.ly/3lrQpO via @NatureNews http://bit.ly/2gsQ9B A Nordhaus win = #Cop15 fallout, I think

RT @stevesilberman Eno: The people who listen to music most are graphic designers – http://bit.ly/QH9ZD

RT @CherylMorgan: @arrroberts weighs in on SF and the Booker (via @genreville) < bit dismissive of f’sy: its more than throwing in dragons

RT @PD_Smith @HistoryTODAY: The largest Anglo-Saxon find since Sutton Hoo. Read exclusive expert opinion: http://bit.ly/f3Si7

How to pray at Detroit Metro airport http://bit.ly/uahzl

RT @seanmcarroll Advice to experts: don’t let non-experts know you read the Wikipedia pages on your area of expertise. http://is.gd/3Dhry

RT @MattPoacher @badjournalism: Is this the greatest headline ever? http://www.twitpic.com/ixx49

RT @jukevox @pomeranian99: “Most money in journalism, isn’t spent on journalism.” (http://bit.ly/3sNmLX): Couric pay > #NPR news budgets

EU Court overturns emissions caps on Poland and Estonia http://bit.ly/28aSmr http://bit.ly/8K5Bw This sounds like a big deal #cop15 #ETS

RT @DangerRoom New Missile-Defense Sats Ready to Launch Today, no, tomorrow http://bit.ly/4G9Bo #STSS

“Within sight of a capitalist nuclear reprocessing plant, on topsoil contaminated by a communist nuclear power station” http://bit.ly/BXynD

Copy Editors need self doubt: http://bit.ly/qxPoC <the awesome machineries of the New Yorker

Political institutions, not political will: Senate means party that loses can still kill agenda @MattYglesias http://bit.ly/35Zust #cop15

RT @jonahlehrer @mindhacksblog: Does being blind from birth prevent schizophrenia? http://bit.ly/SbSrJ < nicely falsifiable hypothesis

In light of House of Numbers AIDS denialism film furore (http://bit.ly/2L60Gn) a vintage piece of Maddox http://bit.ly/4DQBVU

RT @kenanmalik ‘treating ancient tribal habits as sacred but not their hopes of betterment’ http://bit.ly/gHbdj also http://bit.ly/3Gvxem

RT @stevesilberman Robert Gates profile by @dangerroom http://bit.ly/Anzlt < unashamedly pro, but v. good

Three Million Unsold Properties In Spain http://bit.ly/61XAW Wow. That’s a real recession for you

Les p’tites vignes from La Lunotte http://bit.ly/31RDkj rambunctious nonconformist Loire white from Theatre of #Wine http://bit.ly/19Vibz

NASA can make artificial noctilucent clouds, can’t do good media relations or public outreach http://bit.ly/1arB5y (via @NatureNews)

A month ago @elakdawalla rounded up statuses for 23 non-earth-facing science missions spread across the solar system http://bit.ly/5F9Pi

RT @glynmoody So there I was, happily taking some pix of some razor wire… – http://bit.ly/9oiq6 << almost LOL’d in library

RT @LCROSS_NASA Map of Oct 8/9th LCROSS Impact Viewing Parties http://ub0.cc/r9/4V < anyone planning a London breakfast?

A month ago @elakdawalla rounded up statuses for 23 non-earth-facing science missions spread across the solar system http://bit.ly/5F9Pi

RT @solarafrica Oooops! Egypt is overrun by garbage after killing all the pigs in a misguided reaction to swine-flu. http://bit.ly/1QuRxZ

RT @pourmecoffee The Los Angeles #StationFire burn scar from space. http://bit.ly/Yoayz

Lunar H2O definitely there, fascinatingly patchy: @LCROSS_NASA taking last minute target decisions as new data comes in http://bit.ly/RP2sP

Rob Carlson calculates that genetically modified systems now contribute 2% of US GDP http://bit.ly/123Fxh (towards end of post)

Australian (and WA) government is guaranteeing long term safety of #CCS involved in developing #Gorgon http://bit.ly/mvsKu

Gas from #Gorgon field off Aus. could generate as much power as 9 1.2GW nuclear plants over 40 yrs. http://bit.ly/LNVPo

Gordon Brown (texture like sun) will be attending Copenhagen, wants other heads of g’ment to do same http://bit.ly/Frho5 #Cop15

#IBMs Blue Gene #supercomputers win national medal of technology http://bit.ly/GHLYJ: my long-ago #bluegene piece http://bit.ly/278aB

RT @electronicalex 20 Qs & As about #Gorgon gas project http://bit.ly/orlzb (Great backgrounder by @narelletowie, rising star)

Where the cool kids are this weekend: @seanmcarroll is live-blogging Oxford Ellis-fest on pros & cons of the #multiverse http://is.gd/3uuoT

RT @dgmacarthur RT @michaelhoffman: VENTER’S ON A BOAT. Warning: contains both explicit language and Craig Venter. http://bit.ly/FPSA5

Kim Stanley Robinson on neglect of Brit SF by Booker and establishment http://bit.ly/12oCPl Guardian.co.uk followup http://bit.ly/19kni22:38 PM Sep 19th from bit.ly

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