The great things had been there all the time…
January 1, 2010, 9:18 pm
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In a Polish field

There’s something peculiarly wonderful about reading and enjoying a book that you would never have found for yourself. My friend John gave me Robert Kee’s A Crowd is Not Company (Amazon UK|US) for Christmas, a memoir of time spent as a POW in the Second World War. It’s a moving and fascinating read, and in its insights into how the world looks when you are separated from it it contains a passage which would have made a wonderful epigraph for Eating the Sun

Suddenly I awoke to the fact that I was staring at a tree on the other side of the road and that this tree was green and delicate. For a few moments I was intensely conscious of the tree and saw nothing else. Then I thought of all the trees I had taken for granted in the past — beside the Cherwell at Oxford or on the pavements of a Surrey suburb. Always I had regarded them as only incidental to the main theme, the real great things that were to happen to me. At the time I had wondered why this main theme somehow always eluded me, why the great events never materializes. Now as I looked at the tree I saw that the great things had been there all the time but I had mistaken them for the background.

A happy new year to you all

Images from Flickr user Hampshiregirl, used under a creative commons licence


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